About Helen Burrow

I grew up in the countryside.

  I lived at Nether Kellet with my parents, brother and three sisters. My Dad was a greengrocer and my Mother was a farmer’s daughter.

 Now I live in Lancaster with my husband George Coupe. We met at a City and Guilds photography class where the teacher Ben Shaw was an inspiration. I learned the practical basics of film photography but was also surprised and very pleased to be introduced to the history of photography.

One of the best things about photography for me is being able to record the life around me. I’ve met some nice people too.

On a workshop at Duckspool, John Blakemore told me (and everyone else) to see what I did by instinct and then work with that.

On another, Charlie Harbutt said stand where you feel comfortable and when something out there connects with something in yourself, press the shutter.

When I retired from being a community mental health nurse I took myself off to Bolton Institute and did a photography degree. When I applied, lecturer Shaz Kerr asked me what I wanted from it. I wanted to be in a creative environment. What I learned from this and from an MA at De Montfort University was the absolute necessity of finding my own way, and pursuing the photography important to me.

Documentary photography is important. For me, the more I understand of other people’s ways of life, the more tolerant I am. Photographs are valued by the people in them too.
Beauty is important too.

I have been influenced by many photographers, not least retired Guardian photographer Denis Thorpe, who allows people the space to be.

Most of the wild flower photographs were made at Forrest Hills.

I belong to the Lancashire Monochrome group

Thanks to Dave Wilkinson a Lancashire Monochrome web master for his help over the years.

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